2 Things to Keep in Mind this Mothers Day
PigeonShip April 23, 2016

With mothers day coming up, we decided to research what makes a good mothers day gift. Adeena Lago a mother from Salt Lake County Utah, shared a surprising event that happened one mothers day.

“My favorite gift for mothers day was when my kids came home early from church and cleaned the house,” Adeena said. “They vacuumed, they cleaned the kitchen; I wondered: are there pixies in here?”

What makes a good gift?


1)   The Element of Surprise
The element of surprise was definitely a part of the fun of Adeena’s gift that day since her kids went back to church after cleaning, and rode home from church with her.


2)   It’s the Thought that Counts
Another great element of the gift was the thought. It’s the thought that counts they always say, and it really counted on that Sunday.


This year be sure to let the mothers in your life know they are great. Consider surprising her with a thoughtful gift made more thoughtful or surprising with the unlimited logistical capabilities PigeonShip offers.

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