Amazon Announces Interest in Crowdshipping Delivery… 3 Years After PigeonShip
Lauren Reynolds June 19, 2015

This week made big news when they announced that they were looking into using crowdshipping to deliver Amazon customer packages. While Amazon is thinking it over, PigeonShip beat them to market by 3 years. This morning, radio hosts Jay McFarland and Amanda Iverson, from NBC‘s KSL News Radio called out Amazon for being so behind the crowdshipping craze.

Since launching in 2012, we’ve help facilitate the crowdsourced delivery of thousands of packages via both and mobile apps. And thanks to the popular acceptance of crowd-based services like Uber, we are seeing some incredible metrics. Thank you to all of our users, Pigeons and senders! Our growth wouldn’t have been possible without you!


  • kyle

    amazon should have thought of this years ago!

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