Ashley’s Inhaler Delivery
PigeonShip September 13, 2016

If you’re familiar with PigeonShip, you know that we will deliver just about anything that isn’t living or illegal (we had to draw the line somewhere). Since our scope of deliverable items is so wide, we’ve experienced some pretty interesting deliveries. With the permission of the customers, of course, we would like to share some of those stories here. For today, we’re going to focus on the tale of Ashley and the inhaler delivery.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley is a modern business woman. She works as a project manager for a marketing firm based out of Provo. She is also asthmatic. A few weeks ago, she had a meeting in Salt Lake City trying to land a big client for her firm. Midway through her presentation, Ashley’s breathing tightened and she found herself struggling to complete her sentences. There was no way she was going to get through this meeting. She quickly checked her purse for her inhaler, but it turned out that she left it back at the office. Luckily for Ashley, the long meeting was about to adjourn for lunch. She definitely didn’t have enough time to head back to her office in Provo and be back in Salt Lake to resume the meeting after lunch. Thankfully she remembered hearing about PigeonShip from a friend! She quickly got in touch with us, ordered an inhaler delivery, and we were on our way. One of our couriers rushed to Ashley’s office, picked up her inhaler, hustled down to Salt Lake. We are happy to report that our courier arrived just in time for Ashley to catch her breath and nail the meeting. Her agency was able to land the client and we were happy to help.

Ashley’s tale of inhaler delivery is just one example of how PigeonShip can make life easier. Keep visiting our blog for more thrilling experiences that are part of just another day with Pigeo

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