Don’t Let This Happen to You!
PigeonShip August 19, 2016

Why you should use Pigeonship classifieds delivery.

Purchasing goods on KSL classifieds is great. It can also sometimes be super sketchy. A prime example of that sketchiness occurred a few months ago when a mysterious conman robbed several people using KSL classifieds in Utah and Idaho. Did you notice how in the bottom section of the article, KSL mentions considering using local companies to act as a middle-man between buyer and seller? They didn’t specifically say PigeonShip, but they were talking about us! Using PigeonShip classifieds delivery will prevent you from getting conned by some creepy person looking to take your money and run.

Let’s walk through a hypothetical example.

Classifieds Delivery

Image: Select Stroller

Say that you see an amazing deal for a baby jogger stroller on KSL classifieds. The seller doesn’t provide much personal information beyond a phone number. Even though the deal seems too good to be true, you decide to text seller and see what happens. The seller responds after about an hour, and says that the stroller is still available! The only catch is that the seller lives over an hour away, you’ve got kids at home and nap times to consider, plus you’ve heard news stories about criminals using KSL classifieds to rob people. With all that in mind, you decide to take advantage of PigeonShip’s services and send a pigeon/courier to purchase the stroller for you. You place the order on PigeonShip’s website and voilà! The stroller is delivered to your doorstep by a non-creepy, smiling face a few hours after placing your order. With everything handled, you just need to pay the charge on your account for the item and the delivery. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a really nice baby jogger stroller.

Don’t be held back.

When it comes to great deals, you don’t want to be held back by the potential sketchiness of the seller, throwing off children’s schedules, or having to drive over an hour away. Now you can take advantage of the crazy sales that happen on KSL classifieds every single day without fear of being duped or inconvenienced. Also, in case you were wondering, if the baby jogger stroller had actually turned out to be a scam and the seller ran off with the cash, you wouldn’t lose a penny for the cost of the stroller! When you use PigeonShip, your orders are insured, protecting you from potentially disastrous KSL classified exchanges. So, to echo KSL’s recommendation, please consider using PigeonShip classifieds delivery for all those crazy awesome deals you find on KSL and other classifieds websites.

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