PigeonShip KSL Classifieds Delivery Testimonial
PigeonShip September 7, 2016

Plenty of people are using PigeonShip all around Utah to have their KSL Classified items picked up and delivered to them. When you’re buying something off KSL, do you usually disregard items that are over an hour away even if it’s an amazing deal? You’re not alone. Here are some people who used PigeonShip KSL Classifieds delivery to take advantage of deals despite the distance.

Darla from Salt Lake City, Utah


Computers and laptops are definitely the kinds of items that you would want to buy off KSL. Maybe you can find some good deals in your immediate area, but much more likely the best deals are found elsewhere.

In fact, let’s put it to the test. As an experiment, we searched for a MacBook Air on KSL Classifieds to see what kind of deals we could find. Within a few minutes, we found a brand new, factory-sealed MacBook Air for $1,290. That may sound like a lot, but if you were to buy the exact same product in the exact same condition in stores, it would cost you $1,650. Not to mention the sales tax that would be tacked onto that when purchasing in a store. The only potential problem with the product is that the seller is located in Provo, Utah. Let’s say, like Darla, you live in Salt Lake City, Utah and chances are the item will be claimed before you get a chance to get down to Provo. Well, you can do the same exact thing Darla did and send a Pigeon courier to retrieve the item for you!

There’s no need to tick that “within 15 miles of me” distance box when shopping on KSL. Don’t limit yourself to the deals in your immediate vicinity; you can take advantage of any sale regardless of the location with PigeonShip KSL Classifieds Delivery!

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