CBS News’ Mark Koelbel Cracks Up Audience at CXO Awards
Lauren Reynolds July 6, 2015

CBS News anchor, Mark Koelbel from KUTV, had the audience in hysterics during a Utah Business awards luncheon for CXO of The Year. Why? One of the event sponsors was…PigeonShip. Apparently the audience really enjoyed the inside joke with our name.

Here’s how it went down:

“We’d also like to thank…. I better not get this one wrong. PigeonShip?”

(audience laughter)


(audience laughter)

“I’ve heard your radio ads too, by the way.”

(audience laughter)

“We’d also like to thank PigeonShip for awarding each of our honorees with crowdshipping credits. Let’s thank them for that.”

You can see video of Koelbel on state at Utah Business’ 2015 “CXO Of The Year” awards below:

  • lisaramos

    i love mark. best anchor on KUTV!

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