PigeonShip is NOT Uber for Delivery. PigeonShip is the Future of Delivery

PigeonShip is not Uber

PigeonShip is definitely NOT the Uber of delivery, despite the frequent comparisons.

Here is why:

  1. Uber values their Company in $, most recently over $70 billion. PigeonShip’s value is based off of customer service. Nobody ‘wore’ it better than Tony Hsieh, and ‘said’ it better than JFK:  “ask not what your customer can do for you, ask what you can do for your customer“. Pigeonship has a knack for seeing and doing things differently, but all jokes aside, Uber is a phenomenal company.
  2. PigeonShip isn’t replacing jobs, but rather adding income and giving opportunities to people already in vehicles, going in the same direction a delivery is to be made. Key words: already going.
  3. Only 2-5% of the entire PigeonShip fleet of drivers are also Uber drivers. PigeonShip’s model, requirements, and customer expectations are much different than Uber’s, thus attracting different people.
  4. Most Pigeon drivers have jobs and careers.  No shifts are assigned. Pigeon drivers work at their pace and convenience, often resulting in a much higher level of customer service. The model attracts groves of qualified individuals, eliminating needs for pre-assigned shifts or routes.
  5. Uber Rush, as we know, has shut down operations. Similar companies such as Ship have also fallen victim to delivery complications. Many factors influenced and led to the decision to shut down operations, one of the biggest being the inability to speak the “language” of high level logistics, WMS systems, and integrations, such as UPS, FedEx, Canadian Post, USPS and others.  PigeonShip has figured this out, recently partnering with Techdinamics, a sophisticated Toronto-based supply chain integration software  specialist. The partnership bridges the massive gap between the PigeonShip hyper-local same-day delivery fleet, all the retailers desperately needing faster delivery, and helping 3PL’s fulfill for those retailers. The entire package gives retailers the ability to compete directly with Amazon. In fact, with PigeonShip, eCommerce deliveries can be delivered faster than Amazon.
  6. PigeonShip has partnered and integrated with many fulfillment operations, one being Canada’s largest privately owned, Metro Supply Chain Group.  Additional innovative partners include Ottawa Logistics, JP Logistics, Interfulfillment, Simtech, Drexel Logistics, Carter Freight, Kroger Foods, FTD Floral and others. IMG_0926 2


Martin Graham, Metro’s Group President, boils it down to consumer choice. “At Metro, we know that effective e-commerce fulfillment is very much about offering real, practical delivery options to the online purchaser.”

These are exciting times in the evolution of last mile delivery capabilities,” says PigeonShip President, Jared Overton. “As we launch our technology in Canada, we are thrilled to couple our enhanced final mile experience with Metro,Canada’s largest logistics provider. Working with the Metro team to optimize same day service offerings has been a real pleasure for PigeonShip and I believe that the combined strength of these two companies offers consumers an entirely new level of delivery experience.

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