Stories from PigeonShip: Left Passports and Credit Cards
PigeonShip October 4, 2016


Who hasn’t done this before? Few things are worse than getting home for the evening, relaxing, and then realizing that you left your credit card at the restaurant an hour away. Now you don’t need to worry about that kind of thing. Go ahead, enjoy your evening, let PigeonShip, your Utah courier service, make the trip for you.

Of course, credit cards aren’t the only super important items that you can forget. We’ve had other PigeonShippers that have forgotten inhalers, passports, house keys, and cell phones. In each case, we were able to grab the items for them and deliver shortly thereafter. These kinds of items are essential, and when they’re left somewhere, it means you need to get in your car and retrieve them. Oh wait! See, that was a method of the past. Save yourself the trip and send one of our Pigeons to take care of everything for you.

Daniella’s Forgotten Passport


Speaking of forgotten passports, we’d like to share with you the recent experience of one of our PigeonShippers. Daniella, from Ogden, Utah, was extremely excited to go on her week-long excursion in Belize. So excited that she forgot her passport, and realized it an hour before takeoff. TSA Agents being the way they are, there was no room for flexibility in Daniella’s case to catch her international flight. Though, being the resourceful millennial that she is, she hopped on Google to see if there were any courtier services that could respond at a moment’s notice.

Luckily, Daniella came across our website while frantically searching the internet. She was able to put in a request, and what do you know, one of our Pigeons was in Ogden at that very moment! He was able to swing by Daniella’s home, grab her passport from her brother, and make it to the airport just in time. Daniella made her flight without a moment to spare.

There was no way that Daniella could’ve returned to Ogden and made it back in time for her flight. This is why PigeonShip, your Utah courier service, exists. To help people get out of tough binds when they need something ASAP, but are unable to get it themselves. Whether the item be credit cards, or passports, we are happy to help our PigeonShippers in need.

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