HOW TO: Use PigeonShip’s Crowdshipping App [tutorial]
Lauren Reynolds June 22, 2015

Need to send something to someone fast? The original crowdshipping service, PigeonShip, enables users to post an any item online and have a “Pigeon” courier come pick it up and deliver it for you… even same day. Everything from a set of car keys and gift baskets to a gun safe has been shipped using our service. And PigeonShip is the most popular delivery service used by local Craigslist and KSL Classified users in Utah.

To get started, just create a PigeonShip account and watch the YouTube video tutorial below:

HOW TO: Use PigeonShip's Crowdshipping App [tutorial]You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to send and receive items using the PigeonShip app. PigeonShip is like Uber, but for your stuff. Just post an item for delivery and a Pigeon will accept it, pick it up and deliver it for you anywhere in Utah. The delivery fee is cheaper than traditional shipping services like FedEx or UPS and will depend on both the item’s size and the distance it needs to travel.

The PigeonShip app is free to download and available on both Android and iOS.

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