PigeonShip Vs Fedex | 11 things that makes PigeonShip a delivery service of the future
PigeonShip August 24, 2015
  1. Personalized delivery for everyone:

     Personalized delivery for everyone

PigeonShip is a personalized delivery service. Fedex will not deliver a pizza from your favorite takeaway restaurant, but PigeonShip will. There are aspects to PigeonShip which turns it into a shipping solution not just for any businesses, but also for your everyday. You can literally ship your pants through PigeonShip if you forget your pants to work.


  1. Flexible timing for your delivery needs:

     Flexible timing for your delivery needs

PigeonShip provides you flexibility in scheduling your delivery. We let you choose when you want your item to be picked up and by what time you want it to be delivered. You can get same day delivery, next day delivery and even next week delivery through PigeonShip’s flexible time scheduling functionality.


  1. We do deliveries on weekends too:

     Delivery on weekends

Your business shipping needs does not stop on weekends, nor does your personal delivery needs. An urgent business order can come anytime and so does cravings for a Cafe Rio Meal. Do not limit your business or yourself on weekends when it comes to delivery needs. Avoid the trip, PigeonShip!


  1. Pay according to your needs:

     Cheap and Reliable delivery service

Yes, that’s right. PigeonShip lets you decide your own price for your delivery needs. Don’t end up overpaying for getting stuff delivered by Fedex or UPS. Use PigeonShip and decide your own price that you are ready to pay for the delivery. If you do not have the budget of paying the exorbitant prices of the gas guzzling shipping companies, come to us and we will let you post your item with a price decided by you.


  1. Classifieds Delivery:

     Classifieds Delivery

This has definitely been missing. No more!  PigeonShip delivers your classified purchase right to your doorstep and also gives you an option of returning the classified item if you do not like it. Flexibility now exists when purchasing items on classifieds because you just avoided a trip with PigeonShip.



  1. Specialized in-state delivery:

     Delivery service in utah

PigeonShip specializes in deliveries within the State.  No other service can give a better response time to your delivery postings than PigeonShip.  We have a bigger fleet of Pigeons (Deliverers) in the state of Utah than UPS which, makes us offer same day delivery and next day deliveries as well at rock bottom prices.



  1. Reliable deliverers making your life easy:

     best delivery app

The Pigeons who are picking up your package are simply running daily errands and commuting around the city like we do, however, Pigeons must also go through a training program and provide proper documentation before they get approved as a Pigeon (Deliverer). So if a question pops up in your mind who will be delivering my package, no need to worry. Pigeons also receive a feedback rating which they obviously do not want to jeopardize and lose out on the extra earnings they receive from PigeonShip.



  1. Be a savior of the environment by reducing carbon footprint:

     Peer to peer shipping and delivery service

Did you ever wonder how much carbon footprint gas guzzling delivery trucks leave behind? Yes, we do worry about that as well. On the other hand PigeonShip utilises the resources already available. A student has to go to University and a Mom has to drop her kids off at school, so we utilize such resources which are available and simply match them to your delivery preferences.



  1. Reduce the price of goods and still make the same profit:

     how to decrease your shipping expenses

If you are a business, you can increase your sales by reducing the price of the commodity as you save so much by using PigeonShip. A restaurant spending 25$ on delivery can bring it down to 10$ per delivery easily through PigeonShip. A warehouse can get rid of their delivery fleet and utilise the already existing PigeonShip fleet of deliverers and decrease their overhead expenses. We did our math and you save up to 75% on delivery expenses for your business while using PigeonShip.



  1. Earn money while running errands:

     peer to peer shipping - earn money while running errands

Sign Up as a Pigeon and start earning while running errands. PigeonShip not only covers your gas but also makes you extra income doing the things you do everyday. Pick up and deliver an item on your way back from Salt Lake City and add 25$ to your pockets or add 50$ while coming back from St George. It is as easy as it sounds.


  1. PigeonShip: Deliver items on the go:

     PigeonShip on Android, PigeonShip on iOS

PigeonShip is present over multiple platforms. One can use our delivery services on the website as well as the Android and iOS app, which makes it available to you at all times, whether you are in the office, at home or on the road. PigeonShip is available to you at all times, so send items on the go with PigeonShip.

Abhishek Singla


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