How-to get restaurants deliveries in Provo
PigeonShip August 12, 2016

Restaurant deliveries in Provo
Image: Bombay House

According to Google reviews, the top five restaurants in Provo are Bombay House, J Dawgs, Burgers Supreme, SLAB pizza, and DP Cheesesteaks.

What do these five restaurants have in common? They don’t have delivery! Which means whenever you want to sample these delectable delights, you have to get in your (likely) incredibly hot car, dodge the dangerous college-town traffic, and wait in line. We both know that your time is valuable, and could be much wiser spent having your meals delivered to you.

This is where PigeonShip comes in.

Picture this scenario. It’s 10:45 in the morning and you are already starving (you forgot to have breakfast). You have meetings at 11:00 and 1:00 in the afternoon. You know, deep down, that you won’t realistically have time to leave the office and pick up a Polish hotdog from J Dawgs, or a Bleu Cheese burger from Burgers Supreme. Before putting that dollar in the vending machine and settling with cookies for lunch, recall that you have the PigeonShip app on your phone! You place the order, strategically taking advantage of that small 30-minute window you have before meetings. Your 11:00 meeting goes a little late, but that doesn’t matter, your pigeon has arrived with your lunch. Still piping hot and ready to be enjoyed. Congratulations, dear PigeonShip user, you have done the impossible.

You managed to sneak in an amazing lunch on an otherwise very busy day.

Whether you be a student, employee, or somewhere in between, PigeonShip could be exactly what you need to guarantee delicious meals no matter how busy you may be. Sure, there’s a few good restaurants down the street from where you work, or live, (or both), but don’t feel like you need to live confined to the restaurants within a quarter mile radius. With PigeonShip, the world is truly your oyster, and you can order oysters, for example, even if the closest sea food joint is a dozen miles away. It’s no secret that Utah is secretly an amazing place for dining. In fact, there’s so many high ratings on Google reviews that deciding on top five restaurants (for the sake of this blog post) was extremely difficult. Many other restaurants, like Good Thyme Eatery, India Palace, Thai Village, and Brassas Mexican Grill, and many others are right there in terms of top reviews.

Don’t miss out on the amazing food all around us, and consider using PigeonShip when life gets busy (which it is all too often).

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