Utah’s average gas prices climbs to $2.10 per gallon. Save gas, time and energy! Use the PigeonShip App


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SALT LAKE CITY — This month, Utah residents are paying more at the gas pump.

Pump prices jumped 10 cents in the past seven days and a total of 28 cents over the past month, Utah AAA reported last Tuesday.

Though the average price registered at $2.10 per gallon, it is still 43 cents lower at the same time last year.

13 states across the country reported higher average prices than the Beehive State.

The AAA report said that each surveyed cities in Utah registered double-digit hikes over March, with the highest increase — 36 cents — situated in Salt Lake City, and 26 cents is the lowest increase found in Vernal. St. George reported the highest average price costs $2.22 a gallon.

The average price has escalate the $2 mark nationally. $2.06 is the current price, it is 14 cents higher last month, but is 33 cents less than a year ago. California registered the highest price at $2.77 per gallon, followed by Hawaii at $2.62.

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