Be a Biking Courier
PigeonShip April 27, 2016

With the long winter each year, it’s nice to have warm days start to more regularly occur in May. It’s even easy to forget what flowers and green looks like after months of cold.

The warm weather is most exciting for those who love nature and sporting.

PigeonShip helps people make money while they are already out doing what they do because that’s what PigeonShip is about; making the most of what is already being done! But what about those who need the motivation to get out and do more? Errands are a good change of pace for the home-body, and exercise is a great  task to do no matter your schedule!


Here are some ideas that will make getting that cardio in, a synch:

Take your bike and make a trip to the store to help someone baking who ran out of eggs

Or take someone a jump drive they left it on campus with your bike or walking

Deliver flowers if you are skilled, or someone’s dry-cleaning

You could be that biking delivery service person and make money getting in shape.


It’s a win-win really! Just sign up  to be a courier on the PigeonShip app or on, then wait for text notifications about delivery needs in the area.



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