Classifieds Delivery Tablet Testimonial
PigeonShip September 30, 2016


Tablets are the exact device that was meant to be bought and sold on KSL Classifieds. Sure, you could go buy a nice tablet for $200, or you can check out KSL Classifieds and find one for half the price. Just for the sake of this blog post, we checked out the tablets available on KSL Classifieds and found an iPad Air 2 for only $250. Which, in case you’re wondering, is about $150 cheaper than what you would find in stores. Just like our friend in Park City, you can have your tablet by the end of the day with our classifieds delivery service.

All of our KSL Classifieds obsession comes from personal experience. Well before PigeonShip, our team has been using KSL Classifieds to find the best deals. The only thing that would occasionally hold us back in the past was the location of the item. In can be hard to justify a great deal if you have to drive over an hour to get to the seller. Well, you can remove that part completely out of the equation. With PigeonShip, you never need to check that search filter box to confine your shopping results to within a 25-mile radius. The best deals on KSL Classifieds will more than justify the cost of PigeonShip.

So, in review, when you find an amazing deal on KSL Classifieds, and use PigeonShip, not only will you save tons of money, you’ll also save tons of time! Your purchase will be delivered straight to your door, without any fuss, with the PigeonShip classifieds delivery service. If that’s not a win-win, we don’t know what is.

Of course, the items we can pickup with our classifieds delivery service goes well beyond tablets. As long as your item is legal, and not living, we’ll get it to you.

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