Telemundo Gets First Look At New PigeonShip iOS App
Lauren Reynolds June 15, 2015

Telemundo got an exclusive first look at the new PigeonShip iOS app that will be released later this month on the Apple App Store. PigeonShip Founder, Jared Overton, was interviewed on KLUX-TV by Silvana Effio [pictured below, left] where he demonstrated the app and how easily items can be crowdshipped. PigeonShip allows senders to post items online where thousands of Pigeons, or couriers, select and deliver the item for a small fee. The concept is a cross between FedEx and Uber.


Thanks again to everyone at Telemundo for putting this interview together. Your staff was wonderful to work with and we hope to be back soon.

You can watch the video of the interview on KULX-TV’s Facebook page below:

pigeonship demo on telemundo

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